Photo Contests

We create custom designed photo contests for your business. Benefit from what we learnt organizing over 300+ contests for A-brands and running a leading photo sharing service. Be sure to hit your targets.

Contest features


Use the back office of your contest to approve, block or edit submissions, or choose to automatically approve all submissions.

Publish anywhere

The contest can be created as a Facebook application, i-Frame or standalone site offering you full flexibility in how to use it. Of course the contest is fully compatible with any device.

Track performance

Use the back office to optimize your photo contest campaign. See where traffic and submissions to your contest come from.

Form customization

Add custom fields to gather specific information you require for future marketing efforts.

Participation limits

Full control of who is allowed to participate and how many times with geographic, age and ‘one-per-person’ limits.

Voting limits

Full control of who can vote and how many times with ‘one-per-person’ voting, maximum vote caps, geo restrictions and bad actor blocking.

Manage data

Use the back office to download exports of all submissions and participants.


Take a look at these contests we created and get a taste of what we are offering.

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