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A personal gift for all attendants of your event? Get an interesting discount of up to 35% on volume orders.
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Why MyAlbum?

Many photo book companies offer discount vouchers for promo's. We offer a custom branded cover and template. Optionally use our API to turn user content into beautiful photo books, seamlessly integrated in your own website. MyAlbum allows you to subtly mix your brand into the personal stories of you target audience. Use it for:
Customer loyalty and nurturing
Company events
Meetings and incentive travel

Photo book as incentive

Offer a free personal photo book and connect your brand with your client's personal memories. Include your brand identity in a subtle way with a branded cover or more prominently with a branded template including your corporate colors, shapes and icons.
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Logo on cover

Include your own logo with a MyAlbum Pro account.

Branded cover

Branded landingspage to redeem 500 vouchers for a $ 11.95 photo book with a custom branded cover.
$ 1,000
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Branded cover & template

Branded landingspage to redeem 3.500 vouchers for a $ 11.95 photo book with a custom branded cover and template.
$ 2,500
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