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Keeping memories real and vibrant, online and in print.

Reliving memories as photo albums will no longer take you time

We firmly believe people should spend their time and money doing things they really enjoy, and live their life to the fullest! This ultimately makes you happier than any material thing would.

Memories are the most valuable things we have. In our digital culture, it's easy for those memories to be lost forever, simply because we don't take the time to create stories out of them. Here MyAlbum comes in; we help you by creating these stories for you. Preserving those memories online or in print, so you can share them for years to come.

Innovative storytelling

Upload photos and videos and add texts.
Let our smart algorithms lay out your album for you.
Tag your photos with weather, speed, GPS, tourist information, and more.
Print your album as photo book or share by email and social platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter.

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